Income-tax.co.uk is one of the most thorough UK tax calculators, used by millions of people.

And this is not because of the name, but because we made it so good and easy to use that it stands out by far from any other tax calculator tool on the web. Using state of the art website coding techniques and frameworks and the latest official data from HMRC, we have built a user interface that is unmatched by any other tax calculator website out there. Before building the tool, we’ve had 5 main objectives in mind:

Our tax calculator had to be:

  • The easiest to use
  • The fastest
  • The most powerful and comprehensive
  • The most accurate
  • The best looking

How to use

Move the slider to the left or right to adjust your earnings. You can also put the values in manually by clicking on the box that holds the income sum, right near the period selector dropdown.  From this (period selector) dropdown, you can select the earnings input period: year, month, week, day, or hour. With the second slider, you can adjust your weekly working hours, this will help the system calculate your hourly wage accurately. As you change the income amount, everything you need to know about your wage, including tax, national insurance, and net income, will be shown to you in a matter of split-seconds.