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HMRC Tax Band Advice Mistake

HMRC income tax advice error on tax bands!!! 
The 2 tables from the links below from HMRC website actually contradict each other for the year 2017-2018, on the higher tax rate upper limit and highest rate lower limit : Here they state that the higher rate tax is between £33,500-£150,000, while here, on another page of their website they state that it’s between £45,000-£150,000.

First link on HMRC tax bands page (correct, only add the £11,500 personal allowance to compare it to your salary): HMRC Tax Bands advice

Second link on HMRC tax band page (HMRC advice is wrong):

 HMRC Tax Bands advice (wrong)

The correct version is the first link, (the second one is wrong and they should correct it) where it states that the higher rate tax band starts from £33,500 and ends at £150,000 – although confusingly, even though they state that it’s on the taxable income, they didn’t explain that taxable income means only the income above the personal allowance of £11,500 – therefore, their table translates this way: the higher rate tax band starts from earnings of £45,000 and ends at £161,500.


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