If you are looking for information on what salaries accountants earn based on their location, experience, and qualifications, you are at the right place.

On this page, we'll break down everything you need to know about accountant salaries in the UK, as well as the things that you can do in order to maximise your earning potential if you are an employee, or how to get the best accountant talent if you are an employer.

Let's start with the average salary in the UK for an accountant.

The average salary for a qualified chartered accountant in the UK is £31,593. Out of this gross income, an accountant will take home £25,123 per year, or a net wage of £2,094 per month, once tax and National Insurance is deducted.

The salary can vary based on the qualifications, location, and experience of the individual, and the annual compensation is usually between the ranges of £20,000 for an entry-level accountant, and £60,000 for a very experienced and highly qualified chartered accountant.

In order to present a clearer picture and a more thorough overview of the salaries of accountants nationwide, we've researched 4 job boards and their advertisements for chartered accountant jobs.

The 4 job boards that helped us with our research is Reed, Indeed, Linkedin and CV-Library.

Let's see what this data is telling us about the salaries of a chartered accountant, and see what you can do to maximise your earnings potential if you are a chartered accountant.

On Reed job board, the average salary advertised for an accountant is £31,403 per year in gross income. This is equivalent to £2,083 monthly take-home pay, once tax and National Insurance is deducted.

The typical lower range of advertised salaries is around £22,536, while the higher range revolves around £59,332.

Average accountant salaries on Reed.co.uk job board

On Indeed.co.uk, the average accountant salary advertised is £34,863 per year, slightly higher than the salaries advertised on Reed. This will leave the person with a monthly net take-home pay of £2,279.

A trainee accountant's salary can be as little as £21,000 a year, and a highly qualified and experienced accountant can find a job paying even as much as £110,000 or more, on Indeed.

Average accountant salaries on Indeed.co.uk job board

On Linkedin, the median salary for an accountant is £27,500 per year or £1,862 per month as a net take-home pay.

The typical salary range advertised on Linkedin for this profession is ranging between £16,800 to £45,000 per year, while on the higher end of the spectrum it can get as much as £90,000.

Average accountant salaries on Linkedin

On CV-Library, the average salary for a job seeker looking for a role as an accountant, the yearly salary comes in at £32,607, or £2,151 monthly net pay.

Lower-end salaries start from £18,000 per annum, while for a very experienced accountant, some firms are ready to pay even £130,000 per year.

Average accountant salary on CV Library